“Surrey Glow” is a group of three local artists.

Margaret Burns, Leah Murray, and Sarah Power formed a team aimed at bringing the warmth, simplicity, comfort and colour of the dark season to the forefront in 2018.  

We are delighted that we were twice awarded use of the Beecher Place ground floor gallery at Crescent Beach, owned by the City of Surrey, in 2018 and 2019.

We used the space to deliver a series of workshops around  visual and literary arts, and to present an exhibit of our artwork during that time.



Margaret, Leah and Sarah gathered to bring warmth, simplicity, comfort and colour to the forefront of the autumn season through their various art forms. Between the three of them, they have over 80 years of arts experience. 

Find out more about each of them below, and please feel free to follow them on their respective social media platforms! 


Margaret Burns is a versatile artist whose art keeps her connected to the world. Margaret didn’t find the creative side of her brain until her mid-thirties. Once the creative bug really got under her skin, she began exploring multiple disciplines with gusto.  At 88 she is still creating new forms of art.

In the late seventies the family moved to Florida and Margaret focused on watercolor painting. Her husband provided her with the best paints, brushes and substrates, saying that cheap materials would only hold her back. Confident of her skills only two weeks after she began, he entered her work into a juried art show, and much to her surprise she took second place. This was the affirmation she needed, and she paints in watercolors to this day.

After her husband passed away, Margaret travelled in a motor home from Florida to Alaska, painting and selling her work. After Hurricane Andrew, she returned to Canada, settling on Vancouver Island.

As much as she loved painting, she wanted more challenges, so at  the age of 75, she studied printmaking at North Island College in the Comox Valley. Four years of studying etching, intaglio, silkscreen, woodcut and collagraph, then two years as an independent student allowed her to experiment with all available equipment and indulge her great pleasure in working alongside younger students.

Margaret has now moved to the Lower Mainland and continues to paint watercolors, make prints, and experiment with everything that comes to hand. She is a regular artist at the Art Walk on the White Rock Waterfront every summer. Her unique watercolours on sand dollars are signature pieces.

The rest of the year, her arts practice continues in her studio located at 7327 184 Street (West Clayton), in Surrey.

Margaret can be reached via:

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Sarah Power’s art career began in high school.  A foundation year at Emily Carr University of Art and Design cemented her inclination toward a life in the arts, and she followed this with a Diploma program in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Sarah Power has been a graphic designer for 10 years and is now exhibiting her visual arts.  Her subjects range from stunning local landscapes to contemporary figurative works, layered with multiple mediums and finished with art resin.

The Muse has been constant, and Sarah’s incessant doodling and sketching on every available spare surface coalesces into whimsical, layered and nuanced artworks after a processing period in the studio.

Sarah can be reached via:

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Leah Murray is passionate about the wild lives that share our world and the exquisite organism that is the earth itself, and this passion drives her work. She feels that at the end of her day, the most enduring thing she will leave behind is the evolving world into which she was born: documenting the greater art that she is living within has become something of a raison d’etre.

She has been fortunate to find opportunities for doing this work on two continents. Using digital arts, a habit of continuous learning, and training in classical and contemporary writing, drawing, photography, music and videography, she has been developing her “Celtic eye”, and applying that lens to the world around her.

Leah explores the mystical and mythologically expressed connection between humans, community and the earth in both her literary and visual work.  Collaging photography, original poetry, and prose to express scenes from world myths and legends, she creates immersive experiences for her audience in the form of short videos, photographic prints, chapbooks, and published anthologies.

She has been strongly influenced by Ansel Adams, the late Galen Rowell, Jerry Uelsmann and Franz Lanting, all photographers who made or make a lifelong habit of learning and growing. Literary influences include the classical poets, Stephen Fry, Margaret Atwood and Christina Rossetti. In the world of film, James Cameron and Peter Jackson have inspired her to constantly grow and stretch the boundaries of her storytelling skills.


Leah can be reached via:

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